About Us



We are Wijbe Wouda and Rauke Burink. We once started LightMyTrain as a hobbyist project to make interior lighting for model trains affordable and simple for our fellow hobbyists. We organize workshops and you can find us yearly at the Houten Digitaal event. Today, we still strive for simplicity and high quality, but it is not only interior lighting we are working on anymore. We designed conversion kits for existing train models and developed the complete electronics and lighting solution for a newly produced model. Slowly adding more to our product range. Do you have ideas or opportunities? Let us know! We are always open to have a chat.

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Company Information

Wethâlder Beerdastrjitte 9
9298PW Kollumerzwaag

General: info@lightmytrain.nl
Customers: support@lightmytrain.nl

Our Capabilities

We solve lighting and electronics problems for the model railways of your customers or fellow hobbyists. We excel in product development to transform your idea into a product. Your imagination is the limit. 

We handle the sales and distribution challenges that come with getting your product to your customers. Our LightMyTrain sales channel and customerbase gets your product delivered.

Product Development

We have experience in designing electronics solutions from idea through proof of concepts to the design for manufacturing. We work with the latest tools and knowledge and have a continuous interest in learning and improvement. Curious to see our results? Check our latest case examples below!


Complete Electronics and lighting solution

NS1600 - 1700 - 1800

Conversion kits

What we can do for you:

  • Idea to delivery of electronics and lighting solutions for model trains and accessories.
  • Custom design for both large and small-scale production runs.

We design the electronics you need for your train model, we design for manufacturing and deliver in quantity. Interested to discuss the possibilities? Send us an email!

Sales and Distribution

We have excellent market knowledge and are aware of the customer needs of today and tomorrow. We have experience in building webshops and we use a custom (built by us) fulfillment app to reduce the time to delivery to a minimum. We also provide a newsletter service to our customers to stay up to date about our products and services.

What we can do for you:

  • Do you already have a design or product laying around, but don't have time to take it to production or to make it available to customers?
  • Do you have a product that fits the LightMyTrain collection?

We can adopt your product in our collection and take care of production, promotion and distribution for you. Send us an email to discuss in more detail!